As early as 1997, KSCCW realized the need for affordable and secure accommodation for working women in Bangalore. The Loksundari Raman Working Women’s Hostel was set up for marginalised and socially disadvantaged women from rural and distant areas who migrate to Bangalore in search of employment.

The Working Women’s Hostel, located behind the office premises, has nine rooms and two dormitories which provide accommodation to about 40 young working women. Admission to the hostel is subject to appropriate employment letter and salary certificate etc. Before joining every applicant is informed of the rules and regulations governing the hostel and is expected to adhere to them during her stay. Subsidized accommodation in the hostel is also provided to Balasevika trainees and a few college students

In addition, the Council provides boarding and lodging facilities on the ground floor of the hostel building for about 40-50 Anganwadi workers/ helpers who are regularly deputed for the training center at Bangalore. The warden, assisted by ancillary staff supervises the day to day functioning of the hostel under the direction of the member-in-charge. All religious festivals are celebrated in the Hostel with fervor and gaiety and special meals are prepared on these occasions. On the whole, the hostel functions as a close knit unit. It is made to be a home away from home for the women staying here.

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