Bal Roshni is an early identification, intervention and support programme for children with special needs.

It endeavours to provide physical, medical and educational rehabilitation of children with disabilities.

Bal Roshini is available to special-needs children from disadvantaged sections of society and also to children supported by KSCCW through other projects like, crèches and schools. At present, 100 differently abled children receive medical and educational assistance. Corrective surgery and provision of special shoes, calipers, crutches and other assistive devices such as hearing aids, spectacles, and wheel chairs are a regular part of the programme. Assistance to continue formal education is a priority of this project.

Highlights for the year 2016-17

  • 120 children were given educational and medical sponsorship.
  • Hemalatha with cerebral palsy, Keerthana with Developmental Delay, Nafisa with Cerebral Palsy, Ravichandra - a hearing and speech impaired child, Tirumalesh with epilepsy, Jasmi with congenital deformity of limbs.
  • Following children were given financial assistance for their medical expenses:
    • Punith with Congenital Cataract -Left eye, history of blurring vision noticed since one year underwent surgery and has clear vision.
    • Baby Karnika who was suffering from Hydrocephalus underwent a surgery.
    • Mannan Hussian suffering from chronic kidney disease underwent urological surgery.
    • Arbiya Banu underwent ‘Tuberclusion vigphosis’ of spine surgery and is advised to wear a clinical belt which was given.
    • Punith with Congenital Cataract -Left eye, history of blurring vision noticed since one year underwent surgery and has clear vision.
    • Khalida Begum cerebral palsy child underwent Crouch correction surgery and is able to sit now without any support.
    • Vikas with cerebral palsy underwent ‘Hip Subluxation’ surgery and is able to sit now without any support.
    • Vijay with cerebral palsy underwent surgery for correction of his right foot which was short. He is recovering.
    • Ganesh underwent urological surgery and has recovered.
  • Financial Assistance for Medicines was given to the following children:
    • Sharan Subramaniam and Tarun were given financial assistance for medicines for blurred vision. Regular medical checkup is advised for continuation of our medical support.
    • Jasmi was given medicines for strengthening of bones.
    • Anusha suffering from Diffuse hypomyelination and cockayne syndrome was given financial assistance for medicines.
    • Sheik Kareem speech and hearing impaired child was suffering from Acetabulum was given financial assistance for medicines.
  • Aids and Appliances given to children for the year 2016-17:
    • Yashaswini N - Hearing Aid
    • Saakshi - Hearing Aid
    • Syed Sadrulla - Wheel Chair
    • Jasmi - Walker & Knee Brace
    • Lakshmi - AFOs Special Boot
    • Shanmukaram - BLHKFO
    • Shafiulla - Gaiters and splint
    • Tirumalesh - AFOs
    • Dilip - Artifical Leg
    • Keerthana - Modified Corner seat with Balancing board
    • Pallavi - Cock up Splint
  • Bal Roshni’s annual cultural programme for differently-abled children, Balutsav was held on 9 December at Bal Bhavan (Cubbon Park) Bangalore. Around 230 children from 14 institutions participated in the programme. Cultural competitions like group dance, group song and fancy dress were arranged for these children. The refreshments provided to the children were sponsored by Janadhare, Association for Social Activities. Mrs. Meena Ganapathi sponsored the participation gifts and the prizes. Mrs. Meera Nayak, member of Karnataka State Council for Child welfare, sponsored the rent for the venue. Indian Bank, Benson Town sponsored the programme.
  • The Annual Get Together was held for sponsored children on 04/03/2017. The children along with their parents participated in the programme and exhibited their talents in singing and dancing. Participation gifts and Refreshments were provided to all present A Cultural programme was performed by beneficiaries.
  • Orthopaedic Screening Camp was held on 08/05/ 2016 at KSCCW. Mrs. Premila Ponnappa (Member in charge) Dr Girish – Rainbow Children Hospital, Mr. Dinesh Kumar – Physiotherapist attended the camp. The camp was held to conduct health check up for Bal Roshni beneficiaries and diagnose proper Medication / surgeries. 12 children were identified for aids and appliances and to improvise their nutrition. Orders were placed for the required aids and appliances and will be given during November.

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